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Press FAQ

So far, the Nect technology is mainly used by insurance companies and health insurers. What other sectors are conceivable?

Nect was founded with the aim of offering a user-friendly and regulatory-compliant solution for identity confirmation in every area of life. Nect's product can also be used by banks and Sparkassen.

There are further possible applications for our process in the telecommunications sector, in the health sector and in public administration.

In which strategic direction do you want the company to develop?

We want to become the gateway for secure access to a wide range of possible uses, an industry standard in this area, so to speak.

The possible applications are extremely diverse, e.g. e-government, insurance companies, postal services (DE-Mail), banks, health insurance companies and all applications related to electronic patient files. Nect Sign can be used for employment contracts or rental agreements - in principle for all types of contracts. In addition, we are currently working on the prototype of a digital driving licence.

What is it that makes Nect different from the competition - apart from the patented technology?

Our company philosophy is: "We do everything in-house". Our technology is 100 per cent "Made in Germany" and is based entirely on our own research and development.

How many employees does Nect have?

The current headcount is around 60, of which about half work on technology and research. By the end of 2021, the number of employees should increase to around 100.

What is the security level of identification via the Nect wallet?

The Nect technology offers a high level of security equivalent to on-site checks. There is not a single proven successful case of fraud - out of around three million identifications. To check and ensure the functionality of the technology, random samples are regularly taken by our staff. The training of the employees who carry out the spot checks is on the same level as for officers of the Federal Police who are deployed in border security.

How does Nect ensure that the rules of data protection are adhered to when identifying individuals?

Nect's technology ensures that all data is processed in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. Customers, e.g. insurance companies, only receive the data that is absolutely necessary, for example the name and date of birth. All data is comprehensively and legally deleted by Nect at the request of the user.

How is data protection ensured on the hardware side?

Nect operates its own hardware in three data centres in Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover - this means that all systems are redundant and more than 200 kilometres apart - a complete failure is therefore virtually impossible.

Is Nect already profiting?

Our company, founded in 2017, is profitable.

Which countries do Nect's investors come from?

Our investors come from Germany (primarily) and Austria.